Joe Acheson

composer / producer / musician

'Sonic Woodland' is a 40-minute music and sound installation in a woodland glade, created in July 2018 for Kew Gardens' Wakehurst site in Sussex,
a wild botanical garden which is also home to the Millenium Seed Bank.
Part of The Wonder Project by Shrinking Space.

Speakers hung from trees and buried in the ground reflect the mycorrhizal symbiosis constantly taking place in the woods
- the relationship between the trees and the fungi, connected via the root systems underground.

The trees exchange carbon from photosynthesis in return for minerals and water stored underground - they are also able to use this network to communicate information and exchange nutrients between the trees themselves,
in ways in which science is only just beginning to understand.

Using a spatial sound system built by Tim Southorn, sounds appear in the canopy and move down into the ground and up into the branches of other trees in the glade.
Call-and-answer melodies swirl around the space, as the trees perform duets over the ambient hum and bass drones that slowly shift around the woodland floor.